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This page is intended for the publication of short articles about abstracts for dissertations and theses plus anecdotes about professional learning that followed qualifying. It may also include the contact details of authors and some commentary. Helping with this will be Adamantia (Mandy) Tsatsarou who I hope will gradually take over. Most items will be relatively short.

At times complete abstracts may be included. At other times those abstracts shall be the basis for critical reflection. We wish to hear critical professional voices from across many professions. And as a hint to show what we have in mind, a question. What word do we get if we only use the first seven letters of 'professional?' It is always nice to see and to know something about the person holding the pen. And, yes, pictures of authors would be nice.


Mandy Tsatsarou (download CV)


The first part of this dissertation, which was based on data collected from literature, examined historically the practice of exclusions, the causes of the rapid increase in the numbers of the excluded pupils, their profile, their disaffection with school as well as their future ambitions and prospects. The second part presented a case study I undertook in one of Liverpool’s Pupil Referral Units.

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