Critical Professional Learning


Cliff Jones


Contact information:

Education, training and qualifications include:

  • B.A. Political Theory and Institutions;

  • PGCE;

  • MEd; and

  • Internal Auditor, Quality Assurance, British Standards Institute.

Current positions and activity include:

  • Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Liverpool;

  • teaching school CPD leaders in an HEI/LA PPD partnership;

  • chair of the International Professional Development Association (ipda);

  • Chair of the Critical Advisory Support Partnership (CASP which included SCETT, UCET and IPDA);

  • co-opted member of UCET CPD Committee;

  • member of the National Advisory Group for the Professional Development of the Children’s Workforce in Schools;

  • consulting editor CPD Update;

  • columnist for CPD matters Breaktime Magazine;

  • peer reviewing for the Journal of Education for Teachers;

  • peer reviewing for the British Educational Research Journal;

  • externally examining the work of school teachers engaged in postgraduate professional development programmes (fourteen universities);

  • designing and collating a set of activities to work within a critical professional learning framework;

  • writing a series of essays Critical Professional Voices in Education;

  • beginning a book/web page for ipda called Beyond the qualification: learning from children how to be a better teacher;

  • externally validating more than thirty five first and postgraduate degree programmes;

  • on behalf of ipda devising principles for the assessment and evaluation of the impact of professional learning.

Previous employment, experience, positions held and publications include:

  • school teaching for sixteen years (boys, girls, mixed and three major reorganisations);

  • LEA advisor working on alternative curriculum and assessment strategies, industry links and recording and reporting for all phases including F.E.;

  • Director of CPD, Department of Education, University of Liverpool;

  • Deputy Director, Evaluation and Assessment Unit, University of Liverpool;

  • Honorary Secretary of the Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT represents all of the teacher unions);

  • Member of DfES CPD Advisory Group and CPD National Reference Group;

  • Editor of CPD Update (subscribed to by 1,400 schools);

  • Chair of the CPD Committee for the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET represents 93 universities) and Executive Committee member;

  • Chief Moderator, Chief Examiner, Chair of Examiners CSE, 16 Plus and GCSE;

  • Audit Moderator, National Curriculum;

  • Assessor, National Record of Achievement;

  • Assessor, Northern Partnership for Records of Achievement (33 LEAs and 7 exam. boards);

  • Researcher, Evaluation of National Curriculum Assessment, University of Leeds;

  • Chair, North West Regional In-service Co-ordinating Committee;

  • member of HMI focus group on the framework for inspection of accredited CPD;

  • co-convenor of  DfES working party on future of accreditation for teachers and related professionals;

  • member of DfES working party on professional development portfolios/records;

  • on behalf of UCET designed the journals of critical professional learning and portfolios of evidence for impact for both the Primary and Secondary National Strategies;

  • member of the group set up by the Teacher Training Agency (later the Training and Development Agency for schools, TDA) to establish the postgraduate professional development (PPD) programme;

  • wrote UCET guidance for the evaluation framework of PPD (referred to in TDA evaluation report and the basis of the TDA impact evaluation template);

  • evaluation of the impact of Halton LEA advisory service (with colleagues);

  • designed a three-year funded project for the TTA researching the impact of accredited CPD upon long term school improvement;

  • on behalf of UCET designed the protocols linking PPD with the programmes of the NCSL, Primary and Secondary Strategies, Teacher Learning Academy of the GTCE and subject associations;

  • wrote the UCET Principles for the Use of Portfolio Evidence at Masters Level;

  • chaired London and Manchester DfES conferences on the professional impact of  CPD accredited at masters level;

  • convened the West Midlands HEI CPD Forum;

  • chaired the North West HEI CPD Forum;

  • with colleagues carried out In-Depth Analysis of Government Office for Merseyside Funded Developments in Education;

  • wrote The Use of a Professional Development Portfolio within a Masters Framework (an ESCalate report);

  • wrote The Future of Masters in Education (Escalate commissioned paper)


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