Critical Professional Learning

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Tidy or Untidy CPD

Breaktime Spring 2011


Beyond the Qualification

The proposed A-Level Politics

Assessing and evaluating the impact of professional learning

Worked Examples One and Two

Not In Our Name CD

We multiplied Thatcher by Blair. The result was the decline of government and politics and not just in the UK

Review: America’s Role in Creating a Massive Moral Deficit Against Our Better Judgment

Support or Constraint for schoolteachers in England

Education policy: ownership insufficiently disputed

The Charge Sheet against Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

Stagnant Schools

Yo Blair

Reflections of a professional educator in Israel

CPD Update

Postwar Themes and Phases of Education Policy Making (slightly edited)

Disseminating professional learning

Miscellany 2

Review: Valiant For Truth

Personal Reflection

Review: Ersatz politics

Review: The Diary of an Apparatchik

Political education and political literacy in schools or civics and citizenship

Review: What Lies Behind the Mask? Blair Inc

Naming of Parts

Equalisers, stabilisers and a contrived social collapse

Social Fracking - Discoursing on the impact of Gove and Co.

Social Fracking

Stratification: that’s the name of the game and each generation they play the same

Counterpoint to the current Coalition Government: a discourse of humanity from our previous Coalition Government

A Critical Professional Conversation

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